32 GB SD Memory Cards – What’s Up With The SD?

First Things First.

Let’s talk about the difference between regular 32 GB memory cards and 32 GB SD memory cards, ok? Well, first of all the SD stands for secure digital, which means that you can’t just copy files straight from the card onto a different card.

Why not?

To protect the copyright of those who created those files in the first place. Of course, for the SD function to work, it needs to be activated first, so don’t worry, if you don’t activate it, you’ll be able to move things around as you please without having any problems at all.

So that’s the difference. Now…

Why Would You Need A 32 GB SD Memory Card?

First of all, the bigger card, the more information it can store and the better it is for you. A memory card with 32 Gigs of storage will let you put almost 50 movies on it and hundreds of hours of mp3 files. As well as thousands of text files. Remember, in this case, the size does matter!

You’d need an SD card whenever you have something that you want to stop people from illegally copying and sharing. Are you a composer that wants to show people their music without the risk of it being pirated? Are you a film maker and you want to show off your last flick to your buddies?

Whenever you’re worried that someone is going to access your files without your consent and copy them for their own use or to share with others, the 32 GB SD memory card comes right to the rescue.

Many people don’t undersntand the difference between a regular memory card and an SD memory card. I hope that I made the difference clear to you in this article. Never again will you be stressed out thinking wether you should get the SD or whether the standard type is good enough for you.


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