A Guide to Buying A 32 GB SD Memory Card

Whether you have just acquired a new camera or are looking to upgrade the storage on your current device, a 32 GB SD memory card could be the best option for your needs. With that much storage capacity, you will never run out of space for new photos and video files. There will never again be a vacation where you don’t have pictures from the second half of the trip due to running out of memory on your camera’s card. Here are a few things to think about when purchasing a 32 GB SD memory card.

Perhaps you are wondering, ‘what is an SD memory card?’ The SD stands for ‘secure digital’, and is currently the industry standard for digital media device memory. A 32 GB SD memory card can also be called a SDHC card, or Secure Digital High Capacity memory card. SDXC, which stands for Secure Digital Extended Capacity, means a card with greater than 32 GB of memory and an increased read/write speed.

The first step to buying a 32 GB SD memory card is to determine what kind of memory your camera uses. Check the manual or look for the camera model online to see which type of memory is recommended for use with that device. Not only are there different capacity cards as far as memory goes, there are also different types of memory. Examples of the various types of memory cards are micro drives, picture cards, memory sticks, compact flash, and SD cards.

Check the speed of the memory card to determine whether or not it is fast enough for your needs. Not every 32 GB SD memory card will have the same speed. If you are just taking travel and family photos, it may not be worth the money to invest in a higher speed card. The higher the speed, the less time you will have to wait between shots. This only really matters for those who take high speed series photographs of action and movement.

Know how much memory capacity you will need and purchase the card with the proper amount of data storage. For people who frequently upload and delete photos off of their card and are not interested in taking large amounts of video shots, a smaller card might be adequate. Anyone who likes to keep their photos and video stored on their camera should invest in a larger capacity card, like a 32 GB SD memory card.

Be sure to consider the price. A card with higher speed will cost more, as will a card with larger capacity. Be sure to calculate the cost per GB of space when comparing the prices of different cards. If you want a card that is a particular brand or is one of the more expensive types, be sure that you are buying from a reputable dealer as there are fakes and cheap reproduction versions of some of the more popular brands and they don’t work nearly as well as the real cards.

A 32 GB SD memory card could be exactly what you need if you are looking for a high capacity card for your digital camera or recording device. But be sure to keep all of these points in mind when shopping for a memory card, no matter what kind you end up purchasing.

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